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Naga 3/8 1/4 2/7 4/9 2/7 1/6 1/6 2/7 1/5 1 6 REA+INT
Racial Traits:Armor 8, Cold-Blooded, Dual Natured, Guard, Natural Weapon (Bite: DV (STR + 1)P, AP –2, Reach –1), Venom

The Sixth World tale of the naga is one of metahuman hubris at its finest. Originally naga were thought to be an intelligent, trainable, and Awakened ten-meter-long snake species. Various security companies caught naga and trained them to work as guard animals. Little did these companies know the naga were listening and learning about metahuman society from their handlers and others they came into contact with. These interactions—including those in southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, where the naga were often revered and worshipped in local tradition— allowed naga to gain an understanding of the new powers in the world around them. All they had to do was endure tedious, occasionally dangerous jobs.

When naga in the security firms were retired due to age or escape, many of these gathered with other naga in Asia. Meanwhile, Cambodian naga were gathering around the ruins of Angkor Wat. Tourist travel decreased with fear of the local paracritters, which were servants of the naga, and the naga were left to create a home. Barely over a decade old now, the Naga Kingdom of Angkor Wat was formed by naga and a coalition of sapient paranormal beings. Since, the naga of the world have revealed more about their nature, including their ability to speak metahuman languages with only a slight speech impediment involving hard consonants. Many naga have begun using their nation’s riches to attend universities, mostly in the region around Angkor Wat due to climate restriction of their cold-blooded physiology.

Naga of differing origins often resemble the predominant snake species of the area. In Angkor Wat the various python, viper, and krait species are strongly represented, with some of the lesser species present as well. In Amazonia the anaconda is king, and naga of this variant are often bulkier than their kin.

Estimated Worldwide Population: 190,000

Population Centers: Amazonia, Naga Kingdom of Angkor Wat, and the Indian Union

International Status: Naga hold positions of political dominance in the Naga Kingdom, and many cultures in southwest Asia revere them. They are eligible for SINs in Amazonia, the Bangla Commonwealth, Burma, the Indian Union, Laos, Malaysia, Manchuria, the Salish-Shidhe Council, Sichuan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. All of the Big Ten employ significant naga populations, typically in magical security, as do many Asian AA corporations.