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Centaur 3/8 1/6 1/6 3/8 1/6 1/6 1/5 1/5 1/5 1 6 REA+INT
Racial Traits:Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision, Magic Sense, Natural Weapon (Kick: DV (STR + 2)P, AP +1, +1Reach), Search; Movement (x1/x4/+4)

Centaurs are a member of the equine family, with a lower body resembling a horse with a hominid torso attached where the horse head would be. A centaur typically stands 2.7–3.2 meters tall and weighs between 400–1000 kilograms. Most of the variation comes from the horse body, which may resemble several different breeds of common horse (Equus ferus). Centaurs possess only three digits and an opposable thumb on each hand, and the skull shape can vary within the species. The common centaur, known to metahumanity since shortly after the Awakening, has a primarily equine head similar to a horse but shortened slightly in length. A second variation of the species, much like the varieties of metahuman subspecies, has a human head. These “lesser centaurs,” as other centaurs referred to them, rarely reach adulthood, as they are generally cast out of their tribes and left to fend for themselves. A few have been taken in by kind-hearted centaurs, metahumans, other metasapient species, and at least one dragon, and have survived to adulthood outside of their regular culture.

Though centaurs have long been considered primitive, this view is not entirely fair or accurate. While centaurs generally desire to maintain their simple tribal lifestyle and live in their natural habitats, they are quite capable of sophisticated thought and understanding of modern technology. Several common centaurs and many lesser centaurs have begun to explore metahuman society and demonstrated a solid facility with adapting as needed. Of particular note are the Prairie Boys, a band completely composed of common centaurs; Rouge Bitless, a lesser centaur professional fighter; and Milo Czerda, a Nobel laureate and member of the Draco Foundation’s board of trustees. Other centaurs serve in mercenary units, work on rural farms, or act as guides or trackers thanks to their innate magical tracking sense. Though they are capable of integrating into many parts of metahuman society, most just choose not to.

Estimated Worldwide Population: 50,000 (common); 1,500 (lesser)

Population Centers: The Eurasian Steppe, North American refuge (created by the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn), and parts of Greece and the Czech Republic

Current International Status: The Native American Nations, Greece, the Czech Republic, Amazonia, Yakut, and Mongolia all recognize centaurs as sapient beings and allow them full citizenship. Currently Evo is the only megacorporation that offers centaurs citizenship.